Get Addicted To Success!

Is there anything more satisfying than completing a to do list? The simple act of crossing off items of your list is such a blissful feeling.

Write your tasks down

A lot of people underestimate the power of a daily to do list. Every day when you wake up or during breakfast, write down all the things you have to do for today. This is the best way to track your long or short term progress. It will be a lot easier to structure your day and to work more efficiently. 

Why does that work so well?

When we check a box or cross off a word of our to do list, we feel great because we successfully completed a task. Every time when we experience success, our brain releases dopamine, which is connected to feelings of pleasure, learning and motivation. We love to feel that way and therefore we want that feeling again and again. This is why achieving small goals is very important to stay motivated over a long period of time. 

The Not-To-Do List

Everyone got bad habits –  they distract us and slow down our progress. So why don’t we reverse the “to do list” tactic and make a not to do list to get rid off our bad habits?! 

Every day when you do your to do list, think about your past days and what you could have done better. That could be “no food after 9pm” when you want to lose weight or “no phone after 10pm” so you use your time to read a great book.  At the end of the day when you’re able to resist the bad habit, you can cross it off your list. Your brain will get addicted to crossing off fulfilled tasks of your to do list! The result is that you get more productive and less distracted every day.

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